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Managing Office Hours in Canvas and Zoom

Modified on: Wed, Jun 15, 2022 9:35 AM

You can use Canvas Calendar to set up appointments so that students across your various courses can sign up for individual time slots within a planned block of time. When configuring the appointment group, set the link to your Personal Zoom Meeting Room as the location.

Note:  Need help finding your Personal Zoom Meeting Room? Instructions are found here. 

Navigate to your Canvas Calendar tool

Make sure the Calendar for the course is active

If your course calendar is not active, you will not be able to assign office hours to it

Click Plus (+)

Click the Appointment Group tab

Enter a Name for the Appointment Group and a Location

Note:  The Location should be set as a link to your Zoom Personal Meeting Room

Need help finding your Personal Zoom Meeting Room? Instructions can be found here. 

Use the ‘Select Calendar’ dropdown menu to select the course(s) for this Appointment Group, then click Done

Select a Date and Time Range for the Appointment

Note:  You can add multiple dates and ranges

Enter a slot dividing time and click Go

This will divide each time range into equal time slots of the specified dividing time.

In this example, 2 days (each containing a 2 hour time range) were divided into 30 minutes slots.  This will result in 6 sign-up appointment time slots.  You must select Go to divide these time slots.

Example after clicking Go:

Note how after selecting Go the time slots are divided into 30 minute intervals.

Customize Options, add Details, then click Publish

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