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TV Compatibility on the WFU Campus

Modified on: Wed, Aug 17, 2022 3:01 PM

Please note that buildings Bostwick and Johnson do not have cable TV outlets.  In order to use TV in those buildings, you will need to use streaming services such as Apogee Stream2 or connect your smart TV or streaming device to the WFUmydevices network.


You will need a TV equipped with a ClearQAM tuner (most new flat panels are fine, however, some inexpensive models do not come with a ClearQAM tuner - we have experienced issues with Westinghouse, Sekei, and Emerson, primarily). 

If your TV does not have the correct tuner, consider buying a new model or purchasing an external tuner box. We recommend this one

*After you connect your TV, you will need to perform a channel scan to receive HD channels.


A coaxial, or "coax," cable is required to connect the TV to the jack at the wall. Coax cables can be purchased at the campus bookstore, any electronics retailer (such as Best Buy, Walmart, Office Depot, etc), or online via Amazon. An example of a high-quality coax cable is pictured below.

The Wake Forest Multimedia department recommends using a threaded coax cable. Snap/slide-on connectors, while easier to use, do not provide a good connection and can result in signal loss.

To connect your TV, find the wall plate in your room and use a coax cable to connect the wall plate with the Cable/CATV/Antenna jack on the back of the TV.

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