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Using MyDevices to connect Amazon Alexa, gaming consoles and smart TVs to the network

Modified on: Tue, Apr 23, 2024 3:23 PM

The best wireless network for Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff on most devices is eduroam, which provides the fastest wireless experience on campus and seamless connection to thousands of other eduroam sites across the world.

Older devices, including some gaming consoles, hobby computers, IoT and smart devices may connect without difficulty to WFUwireless-legacy, using your WFU username and password. 

For devices which cannot connect to these two optimal networks (eduroam and WFUwireless-legacy), WFUmydevices may be an option. Connecting to WFUmydevices is a bit different, and involves the steps in the process, below. See the bottom of this page for some common supported and unsupported devices.

Note: To avoid some common delays and get connected faster, please follow the below steps in this order. And, if you do have any problems after following these steps, you can always call us at 758-HELP (4357) or chat with our team at

How to Register Your Device for WFUmydevices

  1. From a computer connected to the eduroam wifi network (not WFUGuest), enter the My Devices Portal site.

  2. Optional: Provide a device name and description. The description cannot contain special characters such as apostrophe, comma, etc. If you have invalid characters, you’ll receive an “error loading page” message.

  3. Add the MAC address of the device. Be sure this is for a Wireless/Wlan/WiFi MAC address for the device. Some manufacturers may call a MAC address a “hardware address.”

  4. Click Submit.

  5. You may now attempt to connect your device to the WFUmydevices wireless network. Please follow any directions the device manufacturer has for connecting to WiFi.

  6. complete these steps for any other devices which cannot connect to eduroam or WFUWireless-Legacy.


  • Remember: Register your device first and connect second.  If you accidentally connect before registering, you may run into a problem where the device won't fully connect to internet. As a workaround, if your device is already registered in MyDevices, try completely powering down the device, and, just for good measure, unplug from power as well. Wait a few minutes, and then power back up, boot up your device and then reconnect to the WFUMyDevices network. This complete reset should refresh the wifi session and allow the device to register successfully.

  • If you think you’ve followed all the steps correctly, but are still not connected, please shut down your device, and even unplug from power, then wait a few minutes, plug in, power back on and try to connect to the network again.

  • After you add your device(s), you may see a status of "pending." This does not prevent the device from connecting to the wireless network.

  • Registered devices will expire after forty (40) days of inactivity. If this happens, just re-register the device with the same steps.

  • If you have any issues after following these steps, you can always call us at 758-HELP (4357) or chat with our team at

Supported devices, and a note on unsupported devices


The following devices and their successors are generally supported on the MyDevices network:

  • Apple TV
  • XBox One
  • Playstation 4
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation 3
  • XBox 360
  • Amazon Echo


The below devices may not be able to connect to the WFUmydevices network. This is related to the way some devices require communication with a mobile device (on the same network) or other extenuating communication needs. It may not hurt to give it a shot, though. Please let us know if you found a way and we'll gladly update this list:

  • Personal Wireless Printers
    • Workaround: please connect physically, with a USB cable. 
    • Out of curiosity, did you know you can print to student printers using DeacPrint?)
  • Chromecast and Smartcast
  • Wireless (non-Bluetooth) Speakers and Smart Speakers
  • Remotes that require Wifi
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Google Home and Sonos smart home devices
  • Any smart devices that require connection to your mobile phone may not function properly.

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