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Laptop Security Services for Traveling Faculty and Staff

Modified on: Thu, Jun 10, 2021 2:38 PM

Information Systems hopes that you have a meaningful and enjoyable experience during your travel abroad. Part of making this a reality is protecting your computer and securing your data during your travel abroad.  If a device containing data is lost or stolen, the data on the device is at risk of exposure. To protect you from this risk, Information Systems provides two options:

  • Data may be encrypted on the computer; or
  • A computer may be rented from Information Systems with no data.

Very stringent government regulations are in place regarding international travel with encrypted devices. These regulations vary from country to country. In some cases, for example, it is illegal to enter or exit with encrypted data. See Export Controls for specific details. If you are traveling with a computer that has research data on it, make sure that you have completed the following items:

  1. Speak with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. This office will guide you through the university expectations.
  2. Meet with a representative of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to discuss the protection of your data. During this meeting, discuss which of the following options would be the best for you and your data.

Option 1

Faculty or staff member can travel abroad with encrypted data. If you wish to choose this option, your computer will need to be encrypted. Visit the Encryption page for answers to questions that you may have about encryption along with information about the encryption process. An important part of this option will be ensuring that you have a recent backup of all of the data on your computer. This will be helpful going forward in the event that the computer experiences hardware or software problems during the encryption process or during your travel abroad. Visit the Backup Options page for options on backing up the data on the computer. Contact the Information Systems Service Desk for assistance in preparing your computer for traveling abroad through the method of encryption.

NOTE: If you need to purchase an external hard drive or a USB thumb drive for use in backing up your data, you may do so at the IS Service Desk. 

Option 2

Faculty or staff member cannot travel abroad with encrypted data and/or travel with their data 

If you wish to choose this option, you can rent a computer from Information Systems. The rental computer will not contain your data. Please request the computer at least three business days before departing. The cost to rent a computer from Information Systems for use while traveling abroad is $40 per month or $10 a week (with a minimum of 1 week) and will be charged to your Wake Forest department.  When you return to Wake Forest University from your travels, you will be required to return the rented computer. The Service Desk will assist you with retrieving any new data that was created on the rented computer. 

Please visit Ask Deac and submit a ticket to rent a laptop from Information Systems for traveling abroad.  Contact the Information Systems Service Desk for assistance.

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