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Setup Xerox Printer Accounting on Mac OS X

Modified on: Thu, Oct 20, 2022 3:29 PM

Please follow these instructions to add an Accounting Code for a Xerox network printer to Mac OS X.

You must first setup the Xerox printer on the Mac.

  • Open any document that you would like to print (i.e., Microsoft Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, etc.).

  • In the menu bar, click File, and then Print.

  • If the file is in Adobe, select Printer button at the bottom to view the Xerox options.
  • Choose the appropriate Xerox printer, Xerox Features, and Advanced. Then click Accounting... at the bottom of the list.

  • Choose Xerox Standard Accounting from Accounting System, enter your Accounting Code in the Default User ID field, and press OK.  Some accounting codes may contain letters **Note: If your code includes a "0" at the beginning, only enter in the four digits following it. For example, if the code is "01234." only enter "1234" into the ID field.

  • If your Accounting Code allows you to print in Color, you can skip this step. In order to correct the default, click on Advanced and choose Color Options. Select "Black and White."

  • Click on the Presets menu and click Save Current Settings as Preset.

  • Enter a Preset Name, verify "Only this printer" is chosen, and click OK.

  • Click Print to verify your Accounting Code and presets are working correctly. Each time you print, you will receive the Accounting window. 

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