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Customize your Wake Forest internal directory profile

Modified on: Thu, Sep 28, 2023 4:19 PM

The Wake Forest University internal directory is part of our Google Workspace platform and includes all students, faculty, and staff, so it's a great way for Deacs to find each other and easily chat, email or meet with them on campus or off. Some information in your Wake Forest Google account is managed by our systems of record (Banner/WIN, Workday), but there are many fields that you may customize. Read on to see what you can add, and how. 

 Remember, take care with what you share, and stay kind and professional. Go Deacs!  -Deacbot 

Add or change your profile picture

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Your profile can be found at
  3. Under "Basic info," click Photo.
  4. Upload a photo or choose one of your Google Photos.
  5. Rotate and crop your photo as needed.
  6. At the bottom left, click Save as profile picture.


  • You can tap and edit your profile picture in most places where your picture shows up.
  • To find past profile pictures, at the top right, click More More and thenPast profile pictures.

See organization info

  1. Visit your profile at
  2. In the Organization info section, see information populated for you by tapping See organization info
  3. Here, you'll see fields populated by Banner SIS/"WIN" (students), and Workday (faculty and staff).

Add contact info

  1. In the Contact Info section, some details may already be listed, with icons showing the visibility for these details.
  2. Select  + Add contact info to add more details, including email, phone number, address, work address, and chat username info. Details you add can be private to you, visible only to your organization (Wake Forest) or public.
  3. Add more about you:

  4. Note: it can help to understand the different audience choices for your information: 
  5. Private: Only visible to you.
  6. Anyone: Visible to anyone.
  7. Your organization: Visible to everyone in your organization, such as work or school. 

    1. Go to
    2. Scroll to the About section. Add as much or as little information as you'd like, including:
      • places of residence
      • links to your sites
      • profile or contributor links
      • introduction

    Add work and education

    1. Go to
    2. Scroll to the Work & education section. Here, you may add: 
      • education: multiple entries, with school name, major/field of study, start/end years, and description
      • occupation: one entry
      • work history: multiple entries, with organization, job title, start/end years, and description

Questions or Suggestions?

Visit Information Systems at The Bridge

 (336) 758-4357 (758-HELP)
 AskDeac Help Portal

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