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Connect to eduroam wireless on your macOS device (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro)

Modified on: Thu, Jun 15, 2023 10:29 AM

eduroam is the preferred campus wireless network for Wake Forest University students, faculty and staff. Follow the steps below to connect on your macOS device. Once you are connected here at Wake Forest with your Wake Forest email address ( and password, you'll be able to seamlessly connect when you visit any of thousands of partner sites worldwide. Find eduroam partner sites easily by using the eduroam partner site locator tool or download the helpful eduroam Companion App.


  1. Select eduroam from the Airport menu bar item.

  2. When prompted, enter:

    1. Account name: your full email address - this will ensure seamless access at eduroam partner sites in addition to our campus network.

    2. Password: Your WFU password.

    3. Leave the certificate dropdown field as it is (or select None), and then select OK.

  3. When prompted to trust/examine the server's certificate, select Continue.

  4. If prompted, use TouchID or enter your MacBook username and password to apply the changes.

  5. To ensure you join eduroam whenever it’s in range, go ahead and take a moment to  “Forget” the WFUwireless network.  Tap your Airport icon again and next to WFUwireless, tap the ellipsis icon and select “Forget This Network”’. Then confirm and click “Remove”

  1. You can leave “Remember this information” turned on. 

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