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Connect to eduroam wireless on your Android OS device

Modified on: Wed, Jun 5, 2024 9:26 AM

eduroam is the preferred campus wireless network for Wake Forest University students, faculty and staff. Follow the steps below to connect on your iOS device. Once you are connected here at Wake Forest with your Wake Forest email address ( and password, you'll be able to seamlessly connect when you visit any of thousands of partner sites worldwide. Find eduroam partner sites easily by using the eduroam partner site locator tool or download the helpful eduroam Companion App on Google Play. 


  1. On the list of available networks, tap eduroam.
  2. Enter or select the following in the appropriate fields. They may not have exactly these titles.
    1. EAP methodPEAP

    2. Phase 2 AuthenticationMSCHAPV2.

    3. CA certificateUse system certificates or Unspecified or Do Not Validate
      This wording varies from device to device.

    4. Username or Identity: Your full email address

    5. Anonymous Identity (if present): leave blank

    6. Password: Your WFU password

  3. If prompted for Domain, enter
  4. Tap Connect.
  5. If asked to accept the certificate, click Yes

Pixel 6, 7 & 8 with Android 13 or newer

  1. On your Android device, swipe down twice to find the settings option.
  2. Tap SettingsNetwork & internet, and Internet.
  3. Tap eduroam.
    1. EAP methodPEAP
    2. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    3. CA certificate: Use system certificates
    4. Minimum TLS version: TLS v1.0
    5. Online Certificate Status: Do not verify
    6. Domain:
    7. Identity: full email address
    8. Anonymous identity: leave blank
    9. Password: enter your WFU password
  4. Tap Connect at the bottom of the screen.

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