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How to redeem your Wake Forest Technology Grant

Modified on: Mon, Nov 6, 2023 3:40 PM

Some students are eligible for a Technology Grant as part of a financial aid or athletic scholarship package. The grant may be redeemed at any one time in a student’s first two years at Wake Forest. If the student ultimately does not attend Wake Forest, the grant funds must be returned. By redeeming this grant, the student accepts these terms.

  1. To begin, take a look at our WakeWare models page. WakeWare “standard options'' are fully covered by the technology grant. Other models in the lineup would require an upgrade charge. Once you decide which device you would like, select the yellow  “purchase” button. This will take you to the bookstore website for purchasing.

  1. Here, we’ll use this year’s Surface Laptop Go as an example. Each model will have a similar experience in checkout. 

    Hover over the model you wish to purchase and select “ADD TO BAG”. 

Screenshot of the Microsoft Surface with a Black button to click to Add to Bag.

  1. Select “VIEW BAG & CHECKOUT.” You cannot add any other items to your bag while redeeming your Technology Grant. 

Screenshot of the Microsoft Surface added to bag for purchase. Gold button to click to view bag and checkout.

  1. Review the Cart and select “CHECKOUT”.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Surface in the user's bag providing the user an opportunity to review the bag prior to checkout. A gold button provided to click and checkout.

  1. You may “Create Account” with the bookstore or select “Continue as Guest.” After you fill out the required fields, select “PROCEED TO DELIVERY METHOD.”

screenshot with the "Continue as a Guest" option highlighted

  1. Under Delivery Method, select “Pick Up (FREE)” if you plan to pick up your laptop at the bookstore when you arrive on campus or “Ship to an Address” if you wish to have the laptop shipped to your home. We suggest allowing up to three weeks for your device to ship before the start of school, just to be safe. Select “PROCEED TO PAYMENT METHOD”.

Screenshot of the Delivery screen with Pick up (Free) selected)

  1. Under Payment, check the “Technology Grant Redemption” box, enter your Student ID beginning with a 0 in the Student ID box, and select “FIND ACCOUNTS.” Your WakeWare information will be loaded onto the screen. 

Screenshot of the Payment screen where the user is prompted to check the Technology Grant Redemption box and to enter their Student ID

  1. Check the “I agree to Terms & Conditions for this account” box before selecting “APPLY”. Make sure you see the WakeWare deduction* from the total before entering any credit card information*Below is an example only of what you will see. The available credit will vary based on the standard WakeWare model selected

Screenshot where the user sees their Grant dollars, checks the box to agree to terms and clicks the Apply button to  apply the grant money towards the pruchase.

Once you click “APPLY”, you should see your balance applied to your bag total.

Screenshot of the grant dollars applied to the payment

  1. If you upgraded your laptop, select the “Credit / Debit Card” field, and enter your credit or debit card information to cover the remaining balance. 

Screenshot of the Credit/Debit Card information screen where the user will enter card information if prompted


Screenshot of the Proceed to Contact Information button

  1. Enter your Contact Info and, when ready, Click Place Order.

    Screenshot of the contact info where user's enter first name, last name and phone. Click the gold Place Order button to proceed.

  2. Please contact the Wake Forest bookstore staff with any purchasing questions or for help with your order, at, or by phone at 336.758-4155.

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