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Accessible Virtual Spaces

Modified on: Thu, Mar 10, 2022 10:20 AM

Many in our WFU community regularly engage in meeting, learning, and socializing in virtual spaces. There are ways to make those experiences more inclusive and accessible for all involved! When it’s time to host a virtual engagement, consider the following steps to enhance the accessibility within your virtual spaces.

  1. Strive to meet the needs of everyone in your virtual space.
  2. Create a welcoming environment for all visitors.
  3. Offer alternative methods to access the material you present.
  4. Provide support to prevent and fix technology challenges.
  5. Avoid elements that could negatively impact an attendee’s participation and experience.
  6. Pace presentations to allow attendees time to process and reflect.

For additional information on these topics, please visit our extensive Resource for Improving Accessibility and Inclusion in Virtual Spaces. Please consider using this guide as you plan your next virtual engagement.

To learn more about Wake Forest’s commitment to making campus technology and digital content more accessible and find the latest events and resources, visit the Technology Accessibility Program (TAP), or reach out to

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