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How to Get Started Hosting a Virtual or Hybrid Event

Modified on: Thu, Jul 8, 2021 11:51 AM

Wake Forest University campus members can request consultation from the IS Multimedia Team for virtual and hybrid University events. The number of hybrid attendees and the level of interaction required among the participants will impact the cost, complexity, and technology required for the event. In the event that it is outside of the scope of our team to provide assistance, a third party vendor may be recommended. Be sure to schedule a consultation as soon as possible, and at least two weeks before your event.

Consider the following questions to best prepare for your consultation:

Is my event fully virtual or hybrid?

  • Fully virtual events do not have any in-person attendees. A common example of this type of event is a webinar.
  • Hybrid events have some attending in person and some attending virtually.

If my event is hybrid, is it collaborative or a livestream?

  • Collaborative meetings imply that there will be virtual interaction among participants. 
  • Livestream is one-way communication that allows attendees to view the event from any location, with no participation from the audience, and often does not have a cap on the number of people who can watch.
  • Depending on the level of interaction required, third party vendors may be recommended.

How many attendees will I have?

From what location will I be hosting?

  • During your consultation, you may be asked if you have already reserved a room on campus, if necessary, as well as what technology you have access to.

Have I thought about accessibility?

Ready to plan your event? 

Request a Consultation for a Fully Virtual Event

Request a Consultation for a Hybrid Event

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