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Enable Live Auto-Transcription in Zoom Meetings

Modified on: Wed, Jun 23, 2021 9:45 AM

Live transcription is available in Zoom, providing on-screen machine-generated subtitles/captions and an associated transcript during Zoom meetings. 

It is highly recommended that hosts enable this feature at the beginning of each meeting for the best attendee experience. As we develop the habit of enabling this useful accessibility feature, we encourage attendees to request for meeting hosts to enable live transcription, if not yet enabled, to preemptively accommodate attendee’s needs. Attendees can do this by selecting the Live Transcript button in their toolbar menu.

To enable this feature during a meeting,

1. Meeting hosts should select the Live Transcript button in their host toolbar. 

2. Select “Enable” under Live Transcription to make the machine-generated transcription available to attendees.

Live Transcript screenshot with Enable highlighted 

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