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WorkSpaces Troubleshooting

Modified on: Thu, Jun 3, 2021 9:37 AM

If your WorkSpace is not functioning properly after properly shutting it down, reboot (also known as restart) your WorkSpace. If you still experience issues, try rebuilding your WorkSpace, which will restore your WorkSpace to its original state. If you have installed additional software, you may need to reinstall your software. 

The Service Desk also has the ability to Restore your WorkSpace, which reverts your WorkSpace back to its last “healthy state.” Depending on when your WorkSpace’s corruption began, this troubleshooting step might save you the time of re-installing any customized software. You can contact to request a WorkSpace Restore.  

Please note, these troubleshooting efforts are only available when utilizing the client version of your WorkSpace, not through a browser. Users must also have already registered and logged into their WorkSpace for these troubleshooting efforts to be effective. 

Restart your WorkSpace

  1. Navigate to Amazon WorkSpaces in your top menu.
  2. Select Restart WorkSpaces.
  3. When prompted for confirmation, choose Restart.

Rebuild your WorkSpace

  1. Navigate Settings in your top menu. 
  2. Select Rebuild WorkSpace…
  3. Select Rebuild. Once you select this, the WorkSpaces Status will read “Unavailable.” 
  4. Close the application and wait 15 minutes. 
  5. Restart your WorkSpace and log in with your WFU credentials.

If after a rebuild your issues continue, please contact

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