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How to Record Active Speaker to Zoom Cloud

Modified on: Mon, Apr 19, 2021 11:21 AM

As a reminder, class recordings which include student images should only be available for viewing by students currently enrolled in the class (reference the Class Recording Notice for additional information). Faculty wishing to save class recordings for future usage should enable their Zoom recordings to only record the active speaker. 

  1. Log in to and select Sign in

  2. Log in with your WFU account. 

  3. Select Settings on the left-hand menu. 

  4. Select Recording on the top menu.

  5. Select the “Record active speaker with shared screen” box under Cloud recording. 

  6. Select Save.

Please keep in mind that Zoom Cloud Recordings are retained in your cloud for 180 days. You can download and move these recordings into Google Drive or Kaltura for long term storage. 

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