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Enable Third-Party Cookies for Kaltura & Canvas Integration

Modified on: Wed, Apr 7, 2021 1:40 PM

Some applications, including Kaltura, rely on third-party cookies for integrations and authentication. You may see the following error while trying to access Kaltura or other applications within Canvas.

It seems your browser is blocking 3rd part session cookies which are required for the Kaltura application. To resolve this issue, please update your settings to all 3rd party cookies.

You will need to enable third-party cookies in order for Kaltura and Canvas to verify credentials and access your Kaltura media.

Below you will find links to specific instructions on how to enable third-party cookies for various web browsers.

Enable third-party cookies


You can enable all third-party cookies for Chrome or allow cookies for a specific site (like Kaltura). To enable cookies for Kaltura, follow these instructions:

  • Within Chrome, navigate to the top right and click the vertical ellipses More button. At the top right, click More More and then Settings.

  • Under "Privacy and security," click Cookies and other site data.

  • Next to "Sites that can always use cookies," "Always clear cookies when windows are closed," or "Sites that never use cookies," click Add.

  • Enter the web address “” and select Add. Be sure to select the “Including third-party cookies on this site” checkbox.


To enable cookies for Kaltura, follow these instructions:

  • Select “Preferences” from the main menu

  • Select “Privacy and Security” on the left-hand side menu

  • Under “Cookies and Site Data,” select “Manage Exceptions”

  • Add the website “” and select “Allow”

  • Save your changes

Safari for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • On your device home screen go to Settings and then select Safari
  • Make sure "Block All Cookies" and Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is turned off

Microsoft Edge

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