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Convert Google Classic Sites to New Sites

Modified on: Wed, Nov 2, 2022 1:52 PM

Google has designed a "new" Google Sites environment for building websites without programming experience. Starting January 30, 2023, Google will retire "classic" Sites and "new" Sites will become the default Sites platform. 

New Sites has many enhancements over classic Sites, including giving you the ability to: 

  • Easily create websites that are automatically responsive.
  • Take advantage of new pre-designed modern templates.
  • Allow other editors to collaborate in real time. 
  • View drafts and preview edits before publishing.
  • Use new modern site tiles, such as image carousels, placeholders, buttons, collapsible text, and more

If you own one or more classic Sites, we recommend migrating your active classic Sites to new Sites now and deleting any inactive classic Sites.

Do you own any classic Sites?

Google provides the Classic Sites Manager to view the existing sites you own.

Do you want your Sites to continue to be available to visitors?

Follow these instructions to convert your site to the new experience.

After you transition your classic Site to a new Site, you'll be prompted to “Publish” your new Site. You will have the option at this point to redirect the existing URL to the new site URL or create a new address.

Do you no longer need your old classic Sites?

Follow these in instructions to delete your old classic Site.

What if you take no action?

  • Beginning January 30, 2023 - Editing of classic Google Sites will be disabled and Google will automatically archive your current classic Site, save it in your Google Drive, and create a draft of your current site in new Sites.

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