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Upload Videos to Kaltura

Modified on: Mon, Mar 8, 2021 4:25 PM

Kaltura is WFU’s video management platform - a great place to store your videos for enhanced sharing and collaboration with students, colleagues, and external viewers. You can access Kaltura through Canvas or through the Kaltura MediaSpace

Upload videos to Kaltura through Canvas

1. Login to Canvas.

2. Select any of your courses that has Kaltura My Media enabled in the course navigation.

3. Click on Kaltura My Media.

4. Click the Add New button in the top right corner and select Media Upload.

5. Click Choose a file to upload, navigate to it on your computer, and select your video. The video will begin to upload to Kaltura.

    5a. If it’s a classroom recording, modify the name of the video to reflect the course name, #, date, and “Classroom Recording” (BIO 150, 1/27/21, Classroom Recording).

    5b. If it’s a classroom recording, add a tag of “classroom spring 2021” to the video.

6. Click Save.

If you wish to share your video with your class:

1. Select Kaltura Media Gallery in the navigation of the course you wish to share the video with. If this is not present, add the navigation item under “Settings.” 

2. Select Add Media.

3. Find your class recording in the list and check the box to the left of the recording.

4. Scroll to the top and click Publish. The class recording will now be available when your students click on Kaltura Media Gallery.

Upload videos through the Kaltura Video MediaSpace

1. Sign into the Kaltura MediaSpace. Select the Guest icon in the top right screen and select “Login.” 

screenshot of WFU Kaltura Mediaspace with guest button highlighted to login

2. Once logged in, select “Add New” in the top right corner and select Media Upload. 

screenshot of Add New menu for uploading new media

3. Click “Choose a File to upload.” 

4. Select which file you would like to upload.

5. Then click “Open”.  The file will begin uploading immediately,

    5a. As the file is uploaded, enter the name of the video and any description or tags you would like to include.

    5b. Once you have finished your description, click “Save”.

You have uploaded your video to Kaltura! You may need to change viewing settings to ensure your desired audience can view the content.

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