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Using Kaltura with Canvas

Modified on: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 11:35 AM

Canvas allows you to use the Kaltura video tools within your Canvas course. 

Access Kaltura in Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. Select a course
  3. Click on Settings at the bottom of your Course Navigation Menu
  4. Select the Navigation Tab
  5. Drag and drop My Media and Media Gallery to make Kaltura visible in your Course Navigation Menu
  6. You will need to give Kaltura permission to link your Kaltura account in Canvas

My Media is a collection of all the media content you have either uploaded or recorded. My Media is visible to only you, the owner of that content. When students click on “My Media”, they see their media, not yours.

The following tools can be used to record your media. All recordings are automatically added to your “My Media”.

  • Kaltura Capture allows you to record your computer's screen, camera, and/or microphone for presentations or lectures. You will be prompted to download the desktop software for Windows or Mac to activate Kaltura Capture.

  • Express Capture is a pared-down recording option that allows you to create quick webcam videos for answering questions, explaining how to do a homework problem, providing a review of the week, and supporting other short video needs. 

Media Gallery is your course channel that houses all the media you want visible to your students. You must add content from My Media to the Media Gallery to be visible to your students. A Kaltura Media Gallery is automatically generated for each Canvas course. 

One of the main benefits of using Kaltura in Canvas is being able to create and maintain classroom recordings using the Kaltura classroom capture tools. Keep in mind, when recording video using Express Capture within a Canvas course you can only publish to that course. When you record via Express Capture through the WFU Kaltura MediaSpace, you have the option to publish to any course or channel you create.

Easily move Kaltura media from one Canvas course to another.

  • If the media is shared via the Media Gallery for the course, go into the new course, go to the Media Gallery, choose the Channel Actions button (square-like icon) in the top right corner, choose “Import”, then choose the media gallery (course) you want to import content from. 

  • If the media is embedded in Announcements or Assignments, it will be moved when you use the Canvas import course content feature.

For further information about using Kaltura in Canvas, visit How do I use Kaltura with Canvas? and How to Embed in Announcements, Assignments, Quizzes, and Modules in Canvas in Kaltura Learning. 

You can also check out the AskDeac Article about My Media and Media Gallery when using the Kaltura MediaSpace for information on processing speed and setting permissions. 

Important Note! Instructors will not be able to view media through “Student View” because Kaltura authenticates users. Kaltura does not recognize an authentication when you view  your course through the Student View. This is working as designed. 

If students are reporting they cannot see media in your Canvas course, ensure that you are able to view the media in “Media Gallery” for your course.

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