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My Media and Media Gallery

Modified on: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 11:34 AM

My Media

Every Kaltura user has a personal, searchable repository, called My Media, for uploading, viewing and managing private media content.

Uploading Media

The following tools can be used to record your media. All recordings are automatically added to your “My Media”.

  • Kaltura Capture allows you to record your computer's screen, camera, and/or microphone for presentations or lectures. You will be prompted to download the desktop software for Windows or Mac to activate Kaltura Capture.

  • Express Capture is a pared-down recording option that allows you to create quick webcam videos for answering questions, explaining how to do a homework problem, providing a review of the week, and supporting other short video needs.  

Add Pre existing Media

You may also choose to upload or add media to My Media by simply uploading an existing recording. You can upload any common video, audio, or image file of any size or in any resolution and attach documents (pdf, doc, txt, etc.) to a media file. 

Processing time will vary based on the nature, length, and resolution of the video. Kaltura provides the following estimated for upload and processing time: 

  • For 360p video, upload and processing will usually be realtime (i.e. equal to the duration of the source video). 

  • For 720p video, upload and processing will usually be between 4x and 8x the video duration. 

  • For 1080p video,upload and processing will usually be between 10x to 15x of the video duration. 

Edit Media

Once you have media in My Media, you can use the Kaltura Video Editor to clip, trim, chop, slice, add fade in/out, and more to create a more polished and professional look and feel. You can learn how to use the Kaltura Video Editor through Kaltura Learning

Share Media

Kaltura provides options for sharing your media, based on your needs. You can share a link, embed the media, or create a playlist. Before sharing, be sure the Publishing Status is set to either Unlisted or Published. You can edit this media-specific setting by selecting Actions and Publish. 

To get started, select a media file and click “Share”.

  • Click the Share & Embed icon 

  • Adjust the Embed settings

  • Copy/paste embed code 

  • Playlist Details page

  • Click on Share

  • Click on Embed

  • Copy/paste embed code 

  • To share files outside of WFU via a webpage

  • Scroll down to To embed a media item

Create a Channel

  1. Log into the Kaltura website

  2. Select User by nativagint to the person icon in the top right corner

  3. Select My Channels

  4. Select Create Channel

  5. Enter name, description, tag, privacy, and other options

  6. Click Save

You can learn more about How do I create a Channel? through Kaltura Learning. 

How to make a video Downloadable

  • Select a video in My Media

  • Hover over the pencil icon next to the video to edit

  • Click on Downloads

  • Check the Source box and Save

  • Your video is now Downloadable

  • Select video in My Media

  • You will now see the “Download” in the video options

screenshot of details, attachments, download, and share

Media Gallery

The Media Gallery is a shared and searchable repository of media content for a particular course in Canvas that is visible to all instructors and students within the course. In order to appear in the course Media Gallery, media must be specifically assigned to the gallery.

You can use the same tools in both My Media and Media Gallery but keep in mind that only My Media is private.

You can learn more about how to Use Media Gallery and how to configure Media Gallery in Kaltura Learning. 

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