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Wake Forest University

Using Google Meet at Wake

Modified on: Fri, Oct 20, 2023 2:28 PM

Ready to use Google Meet?                                                                                         

  • Is your meeting larger than 50 people, include external participants, or require interactive participation or breakout rooms? 

Scheduling your meeting    

  • Within Google Calendar, schedule a meeting at your preferred date and time, and invite your meeting participants.

  • Complete all fields as needed, including title, date, time, guests, etc.

  • Select Add video conferencing (under Add guests). Select Google Meet.

  • Click Save

  • Click Send to send the invite to guests. Guests receive an email with the event information and a link to the video meeting.        

Starting your meeting

  • Using Google Calendar

    • View the Google calendar meeting invite and click Join with Google Meet

    • Check the camera and audio are on, then click the green Join now button.

    • Your meeting has started and you should see meeting options along the bottom of the Meet screen.

  • Using Google Mail  (Chat and Meet must be shown to use this feature. Go to Settings to show or hide)                                             

    • To use via Chat:

      • Open your WFU Google Mail. 

      • Locate your Chat section and click Sign in (if you aren't already signed in). 

      • To meet with someone you’ve recently chatted with, simply locate and hover over their name in your list of chats, then click the Start video call icon (blue video camera). 

      • To search for a contact with whom you have not recently chatted, click the + button, and enter the person's name, then click the Start video call icon.

    • To use via Meet:

      • Open your WFU Google Mail. 

      • Locate Meet on the left side, under your email folders.

      • Select New meeting or My Meetings and follow the prompts.

  • Using a Web Browser

    • Enter or click on Google Meet in the app launcher.

    • Click on the meeting you would like to start/join or Click New meeting to Create a meeting for later, Start an instant meeting or Schedule in Google Calendar.

    • Click Join now

    • Use the top right tool bar to show/add participants, chat, utilize breakout rooms, polls and Q&A.

Note that you can send a meeting link to people outside of our organization. The guest will have to click Ask to join and will receive a message “You’ll join the call when someone lets you in”. The host will receive a popup stating “Someone wants to join the meeting” and the host will be able to admit or deny entry to the guest.

Using Google Meet Features

Available features located at the top right of the screen once you have started or joined a meeting.

  • Click on the Participants icon to view meeting participants (up to 49 tiled!).

  • Click on the Chat icon to chat with meeting participants (if turned on by the host).

  • Click on the Activities icon to utilize Breakout Rooms, Polls, and Q&A (if turned on by the host).

Available features located at the bottom of the screen once you have started or joined a meeting.

  • Click on the Meeting Name on the left of the screen to view meeting details, the meeting URL, and any attachments added to the calendar invitation. You may also copy joining info from this screen.

  • If you scheduled the meeting, click on the shield icon to view the host settings. Host settings include tools for allowing or disallowing participants to Share their screens and Send chat messages.

  • Click on the microphone, phone, or video camera icons In the center of the screen to mute/unmute the microphone, leave the call, and/or turn on/off the camera.

  • Click on Raise hand to ask a question or offer input.

  • Click on the CC icon on the right side of the screen to turn on captions. (Google will do its best to transcribe what’s being discussed.)

  • Click on the Present now icon on the right side of the screen to present the entire screen or to select a specific window to share.

  • Click on the ellipsis on the far right to see additional features, including:

Note: Google Meet allows anyone with an '' email address in the meeting invite to start the meeting. The recently added Shield icon does provide some host settings for the meeting scheduler (allowing or disallowing participants to Share their screens and Send chat messages). However, the default setting is that all meeting attendees can share their screens and send chat messages.

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