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Register a Domain Name in WakeSites (with Reclaim Hosting)

Modified on: Tue, Nov 12, 2019 4:49 PM

It is easy to create your own top-level domain. This allows you to select a URL for your website that is easy to remember and share.

While you are at Wake Forest University, this is available for a nominal cost (currently $15/year). You can continue to use this domain after leaving WakeSites, although the cost may increase.

To register a top-level domain, log into your WakeSites Dashboard, navigate to the Domains section, and click Register Top-Level Domain.

This panel offers a step-by-step guide to registering and adding a new top-level domain to your new cPanel account.

After ensuring the domain is available for purchase you’ll be prompted to select whether you’d like to protect the contact information associated with the domain. This option (referred to as ID Protect) used to cost an additional $7, but it is now free. We recommend checking this ID Protect box to protect your contact information.

You’ll also be prompted for nameservers for the domain. If registering the domain through Reclaim Hosting you can leave these with the default. If you decide to register the domain elsewhere, you’ll want to point the nameservers to and in order for the domain to work with our system.

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