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Accessing the campus network with Eduroam

Modified on: Mon, Jun 17, 2019 11:36 AM

Use your school's Wi-Fi authentication at any eduroam hotspot in the world and join instantly and securely

Information Systems is pleased to announce the launch of eduroam at Wake Forest University. eduroam, which stands for education roaming, is a secure worldwide wireless network that enables students, faculty and staff to use their Wake Forest credentials when traveling to connect to the Internet at more than 5,500 participating locations worldwide. Additionally, visitors from any participating eduroam institution can securely connect to the eduroam wireless network while at Wake Forest using their home institution credentials.

Things to know:

  • Always use the WFUwireless connection while you are on the Reynolda Campus in order to have all the access you need to campus resources.
  • Use your full Wake Forest University email address and password to connect ( to eduroam in your wireless network choices when you are at another eduroam institution.
  • Access to the Internet using eduroam provides visitor wireless access without signing up for a visitor wireless account, if the visitor is from another participating eduroam institution.
  • Connect with any device that connects to Wi-Fi, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet by selecting eduroam in your wireless network choices.
  • Contact the Service Desk if you encounter connection problems. Visitors should contact their home institution.
  • eduroam is not currently available on the wireless networks in the Wake Forest Overseas houses or Charlotte Business School campus.

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