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Connect to eduroam, our fastest Wake Forest campus wireless network

Modified on: Thu, Sep 21, 2023 11:49 AM

Wake Forest University extends our campus network globally through our status as an eduroam partner site. eduroam is the preferred campus wireless network (SSID) for students, faculty and staff, and is already configured with all of the access and coverage previously encountered only on WFUwireless. 

Connection steps are typically simple but vary slightly across devices. Visit the below solution articles to find the steps for yours.

Android OS



Windows 10 and 11

More info:

Did you know? eduroam is a global wireless network access service for research and education. Once you are connected here at Wake Forest with your Wake Forest email address ( and password, you'll be able to seamlessly connect when you visit any of thousands of eduroam partner sites worldwide. Find eduroam partner sites easily by using the eduroam site locator tool, or download the helpful eduroam Companion App in the Apple App Store or on Google Play (helpful when you travel). Conversely, visitors from any participating eduroam institution may securely connect to eduroam here at Wake Forest, using their own home institution credentials.


  • Wake Forest University students, faculty and staff: please contact the IS Service Desk at 336-758-HELP (758-4357) or
    • Note:  If you previously connected to eduroam with an account from another institution, most of the time, forgetting your old eduroam profile and starting a fresh one with your Wake Forest account will work without issue. However, there are cases where the old connection profile will not "release." For those exceptional cases where the old profile sticks, it may be necessary to call the IT help desk at your former institution, for assistance with removing their old eduroam profile. Nevertheless, we suggest you give the IS team a call at The Bridge, 336-758-HELP (4357) for initial troubleshooting and to be sure this is needed. In the meantime, we suggest WFUWireless-Legacy as a workaround until you connect to eduroam successfully.
  • Visitors and guests: please contact your home institution.

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