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Dropbox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Modified on: Fri, Aug 13, 2021 4:02 PM

How do I install the desktop client?

Go to software@WFU to find step by step instructions on how to download the desktop client on your Mac and Windows computer. 

If I already have a personal Dropbox account using my email address, how do I join the Wake Forest Dropbox Enterprise account?

Visit software@WFU, sign in, locate and select Dropbox. Select “Request Account.”

Why should I join the Wake Forest Dropbox Enterprise account versus keeping my free Dropbox account?

  • You will have the ability to access more storage (100 GB is our default and more can be requested).
  • You will have access to premier features unavailable in the free version, such as Smart Sync and Viewer History.
  • Your Enterprise Dropbox Account will be protected by Google 2-Step Verification.
  • With an Enterprise Dropbox Account, our Service Desk can assist you with your questions.

If I already have a Dropbox account with my WFU email address, will my data be automatically converted to the Enterprise Account?

The first time you sign on after requesting an account, Dropbox will ask you what you want to do with any pre-existing data. You can either convert your current Dropbox account to a personal account with a email address or transfer your entire account to the Wake Forest Dropbox Enterprise Account.

If I have earned additional storage on the free Dropbox platform and later I leave the WFU Enterprise Account, will I get my free storage back?

Yes. Dropbox remembers the storage you earned through referrals and returns it to you.

How will I take my Dropbox account with me when I graduate?

You will need to request to transfer your data to a personal account prior to leaving the University. You can submit a request here - Convert Dropbox to Individual Account.  If your data exceeds the limit for a free Dropbox account, all your data will be transferred to a read-only personal account and you will not be able to upload anything new until you remove files and drop below the free tier quota. Contact to learn your options. You may also manually move your files between two Dropbox accounts.

If I already pay for a Dropbox account, can I get reimbursed if I join the Wake Forest Dropbox Enterprise account?

Dropbox will automatically refund the remaining balance of your Pro account once you join the Wake Forest Dropbox Enterprise account unless you acquired Dropbox through an app store such as Apple iTunes or Google Play. For inquiries regarding this refund, contact

What is the difference between the web version and desktop client of Dropbox?

You are able to access your Dropbox data from within your web browser or on your computer. Installing the desktop client on your computer has multiple benefits. You can select folders to remove from your hard drive but keep in your online account, providing cloud back up and saving space on your hard drive. Learn more about Smart Sync functionality.

What happens if I have more data in my Dropbox than space on my hard drive?

You can access Dropbox either through the web client or a client that integrates with the filesystem on your computer. If you’re using the desktop client, you have two ways to limit the amount of space Dropbox consumes on your hard drive: Selective Sync and Smart Sync.  If you choose Selective Sync, only files you specifically select will be visible on your computer (they are always visible through the web client). If you choose Smart Sync, Dropbox creates a placeholder on your hard drive, but only syncs the data when you specifically ask for it—for instance when you open or click a link to the file. Additional help is available in the Dropbox Help Center.

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