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Project Wirelessly on Windows Devices using Ditto

Modified on: Thu, Mar 17, 2022 9:07 AM

Ditto has been added to the classroom Apple TVs across campus, allowing Windows users to wirelessly project to the Apple TV.

WFU users should visit to download Ditto on their devices. A WFU account is required to wirelessly display, so campus guests must project using a wired connection.

To connect using Ditto:

  • Choose the Apple TV input on the room control panel.

  • The first time you use Ditto you will need to go to in your web browser and download the application.
  • Open the downloaded Ditto application.
  • Type the room code (ex: WFU SAL202) into Ditto on your device.
  • Click Connect.

  • Click Start Sharing.

  • Enter the 4 digit passcode that is displayed on the Apple TV into the Ditto pop-up.
  • Click Ok to begin sharing.

  • Click Stop Sharing when you are done.

Additional Tips for using Ditto:

  • To use the Ditto application in another room, simply open Ditto on your device and enter the room code for that room.
  • The Ditto application defaults to sharing the whole screen. You can choose to share just a specific application by choosing that option before clicking Start Sharing. This is a great way to share only the content you want to share.
  • Download the Ditto Connect app from the Google Play Store to share from an Android phone or a Chromebook.

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