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Wake Forest University

Contractor/Vendor VPN Instructions

Modified on: Thu, May 4, 2023 10:35 AM

Contractors and Vendors must sign the VPN Usage Agreement prior to gaining access to the WFU network

The agreement must be signed by both the contractor/vendor and the WFU Sponsor. The form should then be submitted to the Information Systems Service Desk.

In order to connect to WFU VPN you need to use the Cisco AnyConnect v4.6.03049 client or later (available below) and have Google 2-Step Verification enabled on your Google account. Without these requirements, you will not be able to connect to WFU VPN. You will also need to be using the newest version of Cisco AnyConnect on your mobile devices (available via the App Store or Google Play Store).

Connecting to VPN using Cisco AnyConnect

  • Install and Connect to VPN via Windows
  • Install and Connect to VPN via Mac
  • Install and Connect to VPN via Linux (64-bit)

Please note: If you run into any issues with setting up VPN on your computer, you must contact your company's IT Department for assistance. If you are having issues with resource connectivity once connected to VPN, please contact your WFU sponsor for assistance. If you are having password related issues, please contact the WFU Information Systems Services Desk at 336.758.4357.

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