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Setup Xerox Printer on macOS

Modified on: Thu, Jun 30, 2022 2:00 PM

To install a network printer on macOS:

This process is not for the Student Xerox printers located in ZSR Library and other buildings on campus. The Student printers can be installed from  Please note that you cannot connect to Xerox printers while connected to WFUguest, WFUmydevices, or eduroam wireless networks.

Download the Xerox Printer Driver

Due to the many Mac models and operating systems on campus, it is best to download the latest printer drivers from Xerox site. Check which operating system your Mac is running before you begin.

  • Navigate to
  • Type the model of your printer in the search field (e.g. AltaLink C8055) and complete your search
  • Select the "Drivers and Downloads" tab 
  • If necessary, refine your search by selecting the model in the "Product/Model" box

  • Choose the search result beginning with "Drivers and Downloads"

  • Click the "Platform" tab and choose your Mac's operating system
  • Under "Digital Front End," select "Built-in Controller"

  • Select the most recent "macOS Print and Scan Driver Installer" to download

Install the Xerox Printer Driver

  • Double-click the downloaded Xerox Print Driver.dmg and then launch the Xerox Print Driver.pkg
  • Click Continue to move through the installation wizard
  • Click through the prompts to "Agree" to the terms and "Install"
  • When prompted, enter your computer's password
  • After installing the printer driver the Printers and Scanners window should open where you can add the Xerox printer. 
    • If you need to open the Printer and Scanners window later, you can locate it by going to System Preferences then Printers and Scanners

Add the printer by printer name:

  • Click the ‘+’ to add your printer and select the ‘IP’ tab
  • In the ‘Address’ field enter the (example: If you are uncertain of the printer name, the name will be located on the printer itself near the display.
  • Ensure the ‘Protocol’ field is set to ‘Line Printer Daemon - LPD’
  • The ‘Use’ field should auto populate the correct printer type. The computer will search for the appropriate driver to use, which may take a few seconds to populate. 
    • If the ‘Use’ field populates with Generic PostScript Printer, double check the spelling of the printer name in the ‘Address’ field, remove and re-add some characters from the ‘Address’ field to restart the search. If the correct printer still does not populate the ‘Use’ field, manually select the correct printer in the ‘Use’ field.

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