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Preparing your Google Account to go abroad

Modified on: Mon, Sep 11, 2023 8:43 AM

Setup Google 2-Step alternative

Before you travel abroad, it's recommended to prepare your WFU Google Account for use in a different country. The default "second step" for Google 2-Step Verification is an SMS/text message, however in most situations your US phone number will not work while you are abroad. 

Two alternatives to text messaging are the use of the Google Authenticator app and printing out backup codes.  Google Authenticator app does not require any type of cellular or wireless data connection to function.  If you use backup codes it is recommended you print them out and keep them in a safe place.  Keep in mind that each backup code can only be used once. If you are actively using backup codes, make sure you generate more codes before you use your last one. 

Follow these instructions to setup Google Authenticator app or create backup codes.  

Change your password

It is best practice to change your password a week or so before you leave. This will allow a new password to be active for one year so you do not have to change it while you are abroad. 

Follow these instructions to change your password

Once a password change is submitted, it will take up to an hour for the new password to sync with all WFU systems.

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