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Wake Forest University

Log into Microsoft Office OneDrive on your computer using WFU Google Login

Modified on: Tue, Jul 23, 2019 10:38 AM

Users with a downloaded version of Office may need to log into OneDrive again with their WFU Google credentials and 2-Step Verification

Under the Save/Save As menu you may see a OneDrive "Please Sign In" message and a "Sign In" button. DO NOT use this sign-in button as it will not work - we must enter our WFU Google credentials elsewhere. 

Do not sign in using this menu

  • Navigate to the "Account" section in the main Office product menu, then click the "Sign In" button here.

Sign in menu

  • Enter your WFU email address and then click "Next."

Enter username

  • You are now redirected to the WFU Google login screen. Please enter your WFU Google email and password. If you experience any issues on this screen, please clear your browser cache and cookies in Internet Explorer. You may need to use the "tab" key to move down the window on small screens.

Enter password

Authenication using Google 2-Step
  • You should now see your WFU email address listed under the connected OneDrive service.

  • Under the Save/Save As menu, you will now see your OneDrive account as an available option.

OneDrive is now an available option for you

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