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Accepting a new network security certificate

Modified on: Wed, Jan 4, 2023 2:55 PM

What are certificates?

Network security  certificates provide secure network access by identifying and encrypting your login credentials. In essence, they are digital passports, used to confirm that your device is connecting to an actual campus network and not an impostor. 


What you need to do:

Students, faculty, and staff with Wake Forest University issued devices and/or those with personal devices may occasionally see a pop-up regarding trusting the certificate when connecting to the wireless and/or wired network. There is no security risk when this pop-up appears and you should accept the certificate to continue. The pop-up you see will be dependent on the operating system you are using.



Accept the new certificate by clicking Connect.




Accept the new certificate by clicking Continue.

Mac Wireless Cert


Accept the new certificate by clicking Accept Certificate.

iOS Cert 1 

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