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Students - Transfer your WFU Google data to a personal Gmail account

Modified on: Fri, May 10, 2024 9:53 AM

For Students only

Google Takeout allows you to easily transfer student WFU Gmail and Google Drive data to your personal Google account through an automated process. This process will transfer Gmail labels/folders and keeps Google Drive in your current folder structure.


  1. While logged into your account, go to
  2. Enter your personal email address in Step 1. Click SEND CODE.

  3. While logged into your personal account, click the Get confirmation code button from the Verify your account email.

    Google Takeout - get confirmation code
    Google Takeout - verification code
  4. Enter the verification code provided in Step 2 on the Transfer your content screen. Click VERIFY.
  5. Select what you would like to transfer from to your address. You can choose Drive and/or Gmail. Click START TRANSFER.
  6. Please note: alumni accounts have access to Gmail (email) only. You will not be able to transfer Drive content to an account if your alumni account was created after this time.
  7. You will receive an email at both email addresses letting you know that the transfer has officially started. You will also receive an email once it has completed.

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