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Wake Forest University

Google Single Sign-On Login Troubleshooting

Modified on: Mon, Jan 29, 2024 9:03 AM

Several WFU services use G Suite login for authentication, including WIN, Canvas, and Workday. Your Google account must be used to login to these services.  If you are attempting to sign in with a personal Google account, your authentication attempt will fail.  You may see an error message similar to this:

Google 403 error screen

The recommended method of opening WIN is via the Google App Launcher.

Google App Launcher

While logged into WFU Google Mail, click on the App Launcher and click More (depending on the computer's screen resolution/size you may have to scroll further to the bottom).

The list of WFU Google Apps that are available will expand, and your WFU service will be listed at the bottom.

Google app launcher

Add your account to your Google Account chooser

While logged into your personal Gmail account, click on the Google Account picture in the upper right hand corner and select "Add Account" and enter your email and password.

When attempting to logon to WFU services, if you have signed into more than one Google account you will be prompted to choose which account to use.  Use your account.

Sign in with Incognito or Private Window

Another way to rule out another Google account causing issues is to open an Incognito (Google Chrome) or Private (Firefox) window.

Once the Incognito/Private window is opened, attempt to login to your WFU service.  If you are able to sign into the service in Incognito or in Private browsing mode, but the issue persists in normal viewing mode, then you should clear your browser's cache.

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