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Saving Cognos Data in Excel 2007

Modified on: Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 11:20 AM

New with Cognos 10.2 is the option to view/save report output to Excel 2007 Data. 

This option is essentially an update to the Delimited Text (CSV) output option with the primary difference of extension - Excel 2007 Data saves as .xlsx whereas CSV saves to .xls. When selecting Excel 2007 Data be aware of the following:

  • all data formatting within the report is removed
  • all visual formatting (headers, footers, styles, etc) is removed
  • any data within the report that follows in-page visual formatting will be lost
  • any data presented on pages other than page 1 will be removed (only page 1 of the report will be presented - some reports are a collection of many and each of those would be presented as subsequent pages -- report 1 displays on page 1, report 2 displays on page 2, etc)
  • xlsx extension renders the data unreadable for any Microsoft Office product earlier than 2007

The advantage of running a report to Excel 2007 Data is the speed of the output. With no formatting or extra pages to render, the output is very fast. 


 In prior versions of Cognos if you have used the traditional Delimited Text (CSV) output, with Cognos 10.2 you should instead use the new Excel 2007 Data option, otherwise continue using the same output options as before.  

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