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Wake Forest University

Searching in Cognos

Modified on: Thu, Jun 10, 2021 12:58 PM

Cognos Search

Allows user to search content within the Cognos Content Store

  • Reports
  • Queries
  • Packages
  • Content of saved reports

Searchable content updated nightly

A batch process updates content store each night.

Cognos Security is maintained

If you don't have access to execute or edit some Cognos objects they will not appear in the results section of your search.

Your "My Content" folder and subfolders are included as part of your search results. 

General Search Tips

Search is not Case sensitive - searching for “Wake” (for example) will return the same results as searching for “wake”.

Multiple words

  • Wake Forest – search for either word
  • “Wake Forest” – searches for the exact phrase

Search examples

  • “[AskDeac Requests].[Request].[Impact Description]” - Cognos report writer metadata field name
  • “Impact Description” - Report column heading

+ plus sign (no space after +)

  • Wake +Forest : must have Forest

- minus sign (no space after -)

  • Wake –Forest : everything having Wake but never Forest

* - asterisk – wild card (no space between phrase and *)

  • deac*

Search results can be saved for future use

Click the icon of the safe to save your search.

screenshot of search bar with safe icon highlighted

Search results can be filtered

Clicking on the filter Icon provides additional filtering options for your search.

screenshot of search bar with filter icon highlighted

screenshot of filtered by categories

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