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Convert Multiple Excel from Cognos into a Single Google Sheet

Modified on: Fri, Jun 11, 2021 1:54 PM

This example combines several Cognos reports with excel output into a single google sheet -- summary outline:

  • combine all excel reports into one
  • upload/open excel doc using Google Sheets
  • delete uploaded original excel file

1. Run initial Cognos report with output to Excel/Excel Data:

  • open
  • enable editing
  • save as “Master”
  • change tab name to “Report 1” (right-click tab)

2. Run 2nd Cognos report to Excel/Excel Data

  • open
  • enable editing
  • rename tab as “Report 2” (right-click tab)
  • right-click tab and move to 1st spreadsheet “Master” (right-click tab)

3. Repeat for all requisite reports. Each tab in “Master” represents an individual report and as such must be named uniquely. Once all tabs built in “Master” save and close. Open Google Drive:

  • New - File upload- locate and select Master
  • From Google Drive double-click uploaded “Master.xlsx”
  • In preview window select Open with - Google Sheets
  • This will open in a new tab and you may leave this document open - this is now the converted Google Sheet “Master”

4. Go back to Google Drive and close preview window

  • delete original uploaded Excel file (it will be listed with a green X icon)

Share new Google Sheet as necessary.

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