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Manage ownership of Google Docs

Modified on: Fri, Aug 27, 2021 11:28 AM

Managing ownership of Docs inside the domain

  • Open the Doc that you would like to transfer
  • Click Share in the top-right corner
  • Click in the space 'Add people and groups'
  • Type the WFU email address of the new owner
  • Click Share.
  • Once the document is shared with someone, go to the Sharing settings and click current role to the right of the new owner's name.
  • Choose 'make owner'
  • Choose ' yes'.

Managing ownership of Docs outside the domain

If you're using Google Docs (Doc, Sheets, etc.) you can not make someone outside of your domain the owner of your Doc.  Instead, download the Doc from your WFU Google account and share it with the non-WFU account.

  • Open the document in question
  • Go to File Menu
  • You may wish to make a copy (revision history will not transfer to the copy)
  • Select 'Download As' and choose your format
  • Email the document to the non-WFU account

For exporting and downloading your data please see this Google help page.

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