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Wake Forest University

Using Webex at Wake

Modified on: Thu, Nov 4, 2021 2:53 PM

Ready to schedule a meeting?

Scheduling a Webex meeting from Google Calendar

  • Within your Google calendar, schedule a meeting at your preferred date and time, and invite your meeting participants.
  • Under the Event Details field, select the "Add video conferencing" dropdown and select "Webex meeting." If there is a physical location, enter it in the "location" field and press Save. When prompted, you must send invitations to guests.
  • In the meeting "location" field, type @webex. If there is a physical location, add "/" preferred room location and press Save. When prompted, you must send invitations to guests.
  • Webex connection details will load into the calendar invite for you and your invitees after 1 minute.

Starting your personal meeting

  • View the Google calendar meeting invite and press the "Join Webex Meeting" hyperlink. You may be asked to sign in and allow access to components.
  • The audio and video connection prompt will appear.
    • If using a teleconference room, choose "use video system" to find any conference room devices. If your room device is not automatically found, you can call the room. In the field labeled “Enter a Video Address,” enter the last four digits of the room phone number followed by, i.e.; these numbers are displayed in the bottom left of the screen prior to connecting. Select your room number.
    • If using your personal laptop, change audio option in the bottom of the window to "use computer" or "phone call" for audio.
  • Press the green Start Meeting button.
  • Your room’s screen should be live and the host dashboard will appear where you can share your screen, mute, end the call, turn off video, and more.
  • After your meeting has concluded, press the red X icon to end your Webex.

Webex Add On 

Install the G Suite Add-on for Cisco Webex to easily schedule and join Webex meetings. Follow the installation instructions available on software @ WFU and reference the Using Webex at Wake AskDeac article to learn more about utilizing this add-on. Once you install this add-on, you will have the option to easily schedule Webex Meetings using your personal room and one-time meeting ID’s. For enhanced security, we recommend scheduling “Webex meetings” rather than “Webex Personal Room meetings.” 


Another way to schedule Webex meetings through the Google Calendar is by entering “@webex” in the location field of the calendar invite. Your meeting invitation will load within one minute after saving the calendar invitation. We recommend using this way if you need to forward or copy the details of your meeting event since the GSuite Add on has easy-click information but lacks full details. Please keep in mind that this @webex method utilizes your personal room, not a unique meeting ID.


  • Designate an alternative host if you will be unable to start the meeting.
  • Downloading the Webex app is not a requirement. Attendees can "Join by Browser" when entering.

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