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Sakai FAQ

Modified on: Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 1:27 PM

I am a student and do not see a Sakai site for one of my courses.

First, you should ask your professor if he/she is using Sakai for that course. It is possible that there is not a Sakai site for your course. Also, confirm that you have officially added the class. Note, it may take up to 24 hours for an add to process through the system.

If you are sure there is a site for your course and you do not see a tab in Sakai for that course, look for the site by going to “Sites” in the upper righthand corner of your browser window. If you do not see a site for the course listed, call the IS Service Desk for assistance. Also, let your professor know that you do not see the site in Sakai.

If it is possible that your registration has been suspended for any reason, then you may have lost your enrollment in the course and the corresponding Sakai site. Please contact the Registrar’s Office and/or Financial and Accounting Services if you think your registration might have been suspended.

I am a student and my Sakai Tests/Quiz submission has frozen.

First, you should attempt to preserve your answers as they appear on the screen. Take a screenshot and save it to your computer.

During business hours: Contact the IS Service Desk by phone (336-758-4357) and obtain a ticket number for your incident. The IS Service Desk will record the time, date, duration, and specifics of your issue. They will also attempt to troubleshoot and resolve your issue over the phone so you can continue working.

After business hours: Compose an email to your instructor, including a screenshot of your issue. Your instructor will use the date and time stamp on your email and screenshot to verify the time, date, duration, and specifics of your issue.

Clear your browser’s cache, close and reopen your browser, and attempt to access your Test/Quiz again.

Documentation collected from technical issues may be compared against the Sakai server logs, which record user activity, and will allow your instructor to make an informed decision regarding: accepting your assignment, reopening an assignment, or extending time on an assignment.

How do I change my name in Sakai?

  1. Login to Sakai using your WFU Google Account
  2. In the main menu, click on Account
  3. Under Edit Account, change your First and/or Last Name
  4. Select Update Details to save

Your publicly displayed name will be updated to reflect your changes.

I am an instructor and I would like to set up my course for but I do not see it in Sakai. How can I access my course?

Course sites in Sakai are not automatically created. You will need to set up a site for each course for which you would like to use Sakai. This can be done through the Worksite Setup link on the left in the My Workspace area. For help, see Create a Course in Sakai.

If an instructor cannot set up their course in Sakai, first confirm with the department’s administrative staff that you are the instructor of record in Banner. If “Staff” or “TBA” is listed as the instructor, the course has no owner. Once an instructor is defined in Banner, Sakai will be updated and the appropriate instructor will see the course. Please allow at least one business day for changes in Banner to show up in Sakai.

Keep in mind that if you are co-teaching a course, both instructors have the option for setting up a course site in Sakai. Please consult your co-instructor on how you will proceed with Sakai site(s) for your course.

If you are identified as teaching a course in Banner, but do not see this course during the Worksite Setup process in Sakai (in the Course Selection Information area), please contact the Service Desk.

WARNING!! Do not use the “Add courses and/or sections not listed above” in the Course Selection Information area when setting up courses.

A student in my course does not show up in a roster with the credit hours and course name as the other students. Why not?

Confirm that the student has officially added your class (check the WIN roster). Do NOT add the student manually. Manually added students will not be associated properly with a section and, so, may not be able to access course artifacts. Your course roster is managed automatically by Banner and updated during the drop/add process. These changes may take up to 24 hours to process. If you feel there is a problem with your roster, contact the Registrar’s Office.

How can I add non-WFU users to my Sakai site?

You can add non-WFU users to your site by going to Site Info, Add Participants, Add Non-official Participants. Simply type the email address for the person you would like to add to your site in the text box. You may add more than one non-WFU participant in this box as long as each email address is on a separate line. Make sure to check the option to have Sakai send an email notification to the person you are adding to the site. Sakai will send an email to these non-official participants providing a password for the user to access Sakai. If the non-WFU participant does not receive an email from Sakai with a password (check the spam folder), please contact the IS Service Desk. It is possible that this person already has an account in Sakai. (See Policy on Guest Accounts).

How can I add Teaching Assistants to my Sakai site?

Add TAs as participants to your site making sure to assign them the “Teaching Assistant” role. You will also have to assign each TA to their appropriate section(s) within the Section Info tool. Each TA should be assigned only to their corresponding course section(s) in Sakai. Providing a TA with access to another section may be considered a FERPA violation. Additionally, you may wish to change permissions in the Gradebook to allow, if desired, TAs to enter grades.

What is the file upload size limit in the Resources area?

The file upload size limit in the Sakai Resources area is 100 MB. This means the total for the files you may upload at a time cannot exceed 100 MB. The site quota is 1 GB for both course and project sites.

How can I allow my students to take a test or quiz more than once?

In the Settings area for your PUBLISHED Test or Quiz, open up the settings options from the dropdown menu. Go to the Availability and Submissions section. Change the number of submissions that are allowed, then click save.

Depending on your settings, you may also allow a retake for an individual student. To do this, click on the Scores link for your Test or Quiz, then click on Submission Status and follow the Allow Retake link (if available) for the appropriate student. Click the Retake button to allow that student to retake the test.

Please note that anonymous grading is NOT recommended.

Is there any way to make a website link open up in a new tab in my browser?

If you provide a web link in the Resources area, that link will open in a new browser tab. If you use the Web Content tool in Sakai, the website will either open up within the Sakai main frame or in a new Sakai window depending on the options you set.

How do I print my Gradebook in Sakai?

The best way to print your Gradebook in Sakai is to export your Gradebook to an Excel file.

Exporting your Gradebook multiple times during the semester as a backup is HIGHLY recommended.

The roster for one of my sections is missing. How do I add it?

To add a section to your course site, go to Site Info, click on Edit Class Rosters, choose Add Rosters, choose the appropriate academic term, check the box next to the section you would like to add, then click Continue. Then click the Add Classes button. You have now added the roster for that course section to your course site.

NOTE: Edit Class Rosters does NOT allow you to remove individual participants from your course. Membership of your roster is controlled by Banner.

How can I separate my Sakai site with combined course sections?

To separate a Sakai site with combined sections, click on Site Info, Edit Class Rosters, then check the box next to the section that you wish to remove in the Remove column. Then click the Update button. You have now removed a course section roster from your Sakai site. You can now setup a Sakai course site for that course section through the Worksite Setup process.

Note: Edit Class Roster(s) allows for the adding and removing of entire rosters from your course site. It does NOT allow for adding and removing individual participants.

In the Gradebook, I can not see the Details link under my gradebook entries. How can I fix this?

To avoid this problem, use an underscore or no spaces in the names of your gradebook items.

I need help with Sakai. Who should I call?

Start with your local technology support person (for example The IS Service Desk or your Instructional Technologist), they should be able to answer most of your general questions.

Is Sakai integrated with Banner?

Yes. Sakai is integrated with Banner. However, your course sites in Sakai will not be automatically created. You will use the Worksite Setup process to setup each course site. Sakai is section aware – you will be able to easily combine and manage multiple sections of your course in one course site. Once your course is setup through this process, you will see your roster(s) in Site Info. Please see the following page for more information – Create a Course in Sakai.

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