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Wake Forest University

Download Class Roster in Excel

Modified on: Tue, Jul 23, 2019 11:52 AM

  1. Log into WIN
  2. Click on VirtualCampus
  3. Click on Class Facebook/Email link under the Faculty Services heading. When prompted for the term, change the term to the desired term (Ex: Fall 2016). If you have previously chosen another term in WIN, click, "Change Term" from the VC menu, and then choose the desired term (Ex: Fall 2016), then choose the Class Facebook/Email link.
  4. Click on the class for which you wish to have a roster (the classes listed are links).
  5. When the Facebook is presented, click the "Download Excel Roster" button at the top of the Facebook.
  6. This will put your roster in to Excel. Repeat for remaining classes.

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