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Schedule a Webex Meeting from Google Calendar

Modified on: Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 3:03 PM

When you're scheduling a meeting in your Google Calendar, you can set it up so people can join from Cisco Webex, any video conferencing system, or video phone. You can host the meeting in Webex, and people can join from your Webex Personal Room link in the calendar invite.

  • Go to your Google calendar, schedule a meeting at a chosen time, and then add one or more recipients.
  • In the meeting location field, type the following: @webex
@webex Google calendar invite
  • Send the meeting invite to the recipients.
  • Wait a moment for Webex to populate the Google Calendar invite. Check your calendar entry and you will see the newly created Webex connection details. Attendees may receive an updated invite via email with the Webex connection details.
Google calendar invite

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