Campus Computing Password

Information Systems notifies you by email when it is time to change your campus computing password. You will receive email messages 9, 6, and 3 days before your password expires. The subject line of these messages will include the number of days until your password's expiration. Change your password before its expiration to avoid losing access to important computing resources! Read below for instruction on how to change your password. Note: it is strongly advised to change your password using the Ctrl-Alt-Delete method listed first on this page using your Wake Forest ThinkPad.

Don't wait! Change your password every 6 months to prevent it from expiring.  Use the password tips at the bottom of this page.

eIRB and Titanium users: Follow the protocol at the bottom of this page.

If you use a mobile computing device, such as a smartphone, tablet or slate, it is critical that you change your email and wireless password on the device.  Failing to change the passwords on the device(s) could cause problems with accessing campus computing resources, including your computer. 


To change your password:

1. Make sure you are using your campus computer and logged into the campus network (DEACNET). Close all open programs. If you are changing a password from off-campus, or not using a Wake Forest ThinkPad, follow the steps at the bottom of this page.

2. Press Ctrl. + Alt + Delete simultaneously

3. Click "Change a password..."

4. Type your current password

5. Select a new password and type it in the fields provided. You cannot reuse your current password or any of your 5 previous passwords.

6. Your password is now synchronized! Please wait approximately one hour for the update to take place across all computing services.

What services are synchronized with one password?

Password Synchronized Services

Services Not Synchronized


WIN (if your WIN user name and 
Network/e-mail user name are different)

Wake Forest E-mail

All Banner Services

ThinkPad login


Campus wireless network





Cognos Reporting Tool



Off Campus? Not Using a Wake Forest ThinkPad?  Using a Mac or non-Wake Forest issued device?

Change your password on a Wake Forest ThinkPad from off campus:

  1. Login to VPN
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  3. Click "Change a password..."
  4. Follow the prompts

Change your password when not using a Wake Forest ThinkPad: 

  1. Log in to WIN
  2. Select Personal
  3. Select Change Password and Clue
  4. Follow the prompts

Students With Different Username

Students whose WIN user name differs from their student user name  should contact their professional school's information technology support representative or come to the Information Systems Service Desk at The Bridge in the ZSR library for assistance with resetting their password.

Password Tips and Requirements

1The best password are easily remembered by you, but not easily guessed by anyone else.

2. You must use alpha-numeric combinations of 6-32 characters.  You must use at least one number and one letter.

3. You cannot reuse your current password or any of your 5 previous passwords.

4. Create your own acronym using your favorite song or movie. 
For example: "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" combined with your high school graduation year or last four digits of your home phone would produce iltttwts98or iltttwts7743.

5. Remember, pAssWorDs are case sensitive!

6. For optimal security, change your password at least every 90 days.  You will not be able to use a password that has been set as one of your past six passwords.

eIRB and Titanium Users Password Guidelines

Your new eIRB password:

  • Must be at least six characters long
  • Must include all three of the following items
    • English uppercase character(s) (A through Z)
    • English lowercase character(s) (a through z)
    • Numeral(s) (0 – 9)
  • Cannot be a repeat of any of your previous eight synched passwords
  • Cannot contain your username and/or any part of your name
  • Avoid use of punctuation marks or symbols

Helpful information:

    • REMEMBER, you must be on campus or use a VPN connection to change your password.
    • After changing your password,
      • Re-start your computer.
      • Wait approximately 30 minutes before trying to log in.
    • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome work best with eIRB.
    • Your browser must have cookies enabled.
    • A VPN connection is no longer required for access to eIRB.

To log in to eIRB go to

    • In the blue log in box, select "private computer" and enter your new password.
    • Select "WFU Reynolda IRB" or "Wake Forest Baptist Health IRB".

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11/20/2012 (eIRB updated 01/28/14)