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Create a WFUmydevices Wireless Network Account

In most cases, WFUguest should be adequate for our campus visitors. WFUguest is comparable to what is commonly available at hotels, airports, coffee shops, colleges and universities. It is designed to make access to the Internet for campus visitors easily accessible through a simple self-service process. Campus visitors do not need special credentials to access WFUguest. They simply select WFUguest from the list of available networks, open a browser, and accept an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to gain network access.

However, Wake Forest students, faculty and staff may create a WFUmydevices wireless network account for any individual visiting the University that requires access to on-campus resources.  

A WFUmydevices may be obtained online through a WFU sponsor or by the campus visitor at the Information Systems Service Desk.

WFU students can create accounts for up to 7 days.

WFU Faculty and staff can create accounts for up to 180 days.

The Information Systems Service Desk may create accounts for all visitors for up to 7 days.  All visitors must present a photo ID when requesting a visitor wireless account.

The Information Systems Service Desk may create accounts for up to 180 days for students and employees of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.  Students and employees of WFUBMC must present a university ID badge when requesting the account.  The Information Systems Service Desk is located in the ZSR Library and hours of operation can be found here.

Create a WFUmydevices wireless network account by completing the following steps:

•Click on this link - or on the picture on the right

•Login using your WFU username and password 

•Click the link to 'Create Account'

•Enter the first and last name of your visitor, their company or organization, email address and phone number

•Do not change the time zone

•Select the start and end dates and times for your visitor account

Click the 'Submit' button

The WFUmydevices username, password, start and end dates/times will be displayed. Click "Notify" to print this page or email it to your visitor.  Note: If you email this page, the recipient will receive an email with no visible sender address.  The subject line of the email message will be "WFUmydevices Wireless Account Details". The email will contain the username, password, and the date and times for the account.