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On-Campus Printing Resources

On-campus Printing Resources:
While printing is sometimes necessary, the University recommends that you use the on-campus printing resources rather than purchasing a personal printer for your residence hall room. It's a greener way to go.
Personal Printing:
  • Personal printers are also available for purchase through the University Stores.
  • Due to the structure of our network, Wake Forest University cannot allow the use of wireless printers.  
  • Purchase a USB cable with any printer that is purchased for personal use due to the close proximity of multiple wireless printers, especially in the residence hall environment.
  • Using the USB cable allows you to print directly from the computer to the printer and will also maintain the security and integrity of the Wake Forest University wireless network on campus.
  • While the Service Desk can provide general guidance concerning personal printer purchases, please contact your printer manufacturer if you need any technical support.

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