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Removing Printers And Drivers

This page will help you to remove a printer and print driver.  This can help when a client has problems with a particular shared printer, while other users can print without errors.  By following these steps, you have a clean start when you attempt to add the printer and driver back to your machine.

Windows 7 and Windows 8

From the desktop, click on the Windows start bubble.  In the search panel, type 'Print Management'.  
Open the Print Management utility.

When the Print Management utility opens, you will see a folder called 'Custom filters'.  Expand Custom Filters and select  'All Printers'.  This will list all of your installed printers.  Locate the printer that you want to remove.  Right-click the printer and select 'delete'.
Next, you need to remove the driver associated with the printer you just deleted. Click on the folder called 'All Drivers'.  Scroll through the list of installed drivers.  Select the driver(s) that pertain to the model printer you wish to remove.  Right click a driver and choose 'Remove Driver Package'.  This will uninstall the driver.
When you are finished, close the Print Management utility.
Before attempting to re-install a problematic printer, you may wish to reboot the computer.