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Data Transfer to the new ThinkPad

While the new computers are far superior to previous models in many aspects, there is less storage space in order to provide a high-speed, solid state drive. In addition, most computer operating systems and many applications require a minimum of 20 percent free hard disk space to operate at maximum performance. Therefore, Information Systems will transfer a limited amount of your data from the old ThinkPad to the new computer. Re-installation of departmental specific and personal software applications is the responsibility of the user. Please be sure to BACK UP your data on your current ThinkPad.

A note about iTunes:
Many WFU Faculty, Staff and Students have vast iTunes music collections that reside on computing devices. Unfortunately, vast music collections, as well as photo collections, consume a large amount of data space on local drives. It is advisable that you relocate your music files to an external device. The link below will show you how to move your iTunes collection:

Follow these steps to move up to 150GB of data to the X1 Carbon (256GB), Yoga ThinkPad (256GB) or T440p (256GB):
  1. Create a new folder named TransferData on the desktop of your old computer. 
  2. Move all data that you want transferred to your new computer into the TransferData folder. 
  3. Determine if the data is more than 150GB by right clicking on the TransferData folder and selecting properties to see the folder size.
  4. If there is more than 150GB of data in the newly created TransferData folder, you must move enough data out of the TransferData folder to an external storage media in order to reduce the folder size to 150GB or below. An archive device could be an external hard drive or storage in ‘the cloud.” Watch this video to learn more about data back-up to an external device.