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Where to Get Help While You're Abroad

If you are studying at a Wake Forest University owned house or at the Center in Salamanca, please use your student assistant as the first line of support if you need assistance.

If you are not studying at a Wake Forest University owned house or at the Center in Salamanca, Information Systems recommends that you contact the Information Systems Service Desk at The Bridge as your first point of support.  You may also contact Lenovo International Warranty Support and the technology support provided by your study abroad institution for some issues that you may have with the ThinkPad.

The Service Desk Provides:


If the ThinkPad develops software problems, the Service Desk may ask you to send the hard drive to us so that we can re-image the hard drive and reload it with the Wake Forest standard software load.


If you are experiencing a hardware issue with the ThinkPad, the Service Desk may send you a replacement part or may refer you to a Lenovo International Warranty Support location for further guidance and repairs.


The Service Desk can offer troubleshooting of issues that arise through phone contact, e-mail, and our ResolveIT System.


So you are having problems with your ThinkPad?  How can you contact the Service Desk and get the help that you need?

First, please visit our technology video library to see if you are able to find a resolution to the problem that you are facing.

If you are unable to find a solution for your problem in our video library, feel free to contact the Service Desk in any of the following ways:

  • Phone: 1.336.758.4357
  • E-mail 
    Service Desk Hours
  • Skype (Please e-mail the Service Desk in order to set up a time and to get the appropriate Skype Name to contact)
  • ResolveIT (This system will put your request directly into our incident queue and will be reviewed by a member of our Service Desk Staff.)

Please feel free to contact us through any of these means.  We are here to support you and will do our best to provide a resolution to any issue that you are facing.

Lenovo International Warranty Support

Lenovo International Warranty Support will provide service at its international locations for ThinkPads that are issued to Wake Forest students.  Certain locations, though, may provide limited support as a result of a lack of resources necessary to repair your individual problem. Please contact the Information Systems Service Desk before contacting Lenovo so that we may evaluate your situation with you and decide the best course of action.

To contact the Lenovo Support center for your area, please visit this Web site:

Lenovo International Warranty Service

You will be asked to enter the machine type, which is a series of four numbers that can be found on a black sticker on the bottom of the ThinkPad beside "Type.”

Program-Specific Support

Some Affiliate (non-Wake Forest University) programs may provide technology support at their individual study abroad sites.  This can be another resource for you to use if you are experiencing issues with the ThinkPad.  Please refer to your study abroad institution’s website or look for information during your study abroad orientation to find out about any technology support that your study abroad institution may provide.

Please use the resources that we have listed above in order to resolve any issues that you are experiencing with the ThinkPad.  We advise that you NOT take the ThinkPad to local repair shops because we want to ensure that your data is safe and that you are getting the best service possible.

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