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What to do Before You Leave

Doing these things will prepare the ThinkPad for traveling abroad and will make the possibility of having computing issues less likely.

Buy a Plug Adapter for Your ThinkPad

International electrical outlets have a different current than outlets in the United States. The ThinkPad's power adapter is manufactured to handle these different currents. However, you will be responsible for the purchase of a "plug adapter" which attaches to the end of the ThinkPad power adapter. These plug adapters may be purchased at an electronics or luggage store.

Run a Virus Scan

Run a virus scan with the Symantec virus protection software that is installed on the ThinkPad to identify any threats that the ThinkPad may have.  You may also run scans with Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner to identify and remove any types of malware or spyware that may be installed on the ThinkPad.  Please contact the Wake Forest Service Desk if any of these scans find viruses or malware that cannot be deleted.

Make a Backup of Your Data

By making regular backups of your data, you protect yourself from any challenges that may come your way. Ultimately, your data is the most important part of the ThinkPad.

Change Your Password

Change your password before you leave campus. Your password will expire every 6 months. Once this password expires, you will be locked out of your ThinkPad. We recommend that you change your password before leaving campus to give you the maximum amount of time before this expiration occurs.

Familiarize Yourself with VPN

Log into VPN when you are away from campus to change your password and to access campus resources such as the ZSR Library databases.  NOTE: Wake Forest houses in London, Venice and Vienna and the Center in Salamanca utilize a VPN tunnel and do not require the VPN client for changing passwords.  Using VPN will also allow you to watch TV shows on network Web sites such as NBC, ABC, and FOX.

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