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VPN 442 Error "Failed to enable Virtual Adapter"

First, ensure the computer in question has a good connection to the internet. Also verify the customer's password has not expired. If after this, VPN is still not working, then follow these steps in order to fix the VPN Client.

Uninstalling VPN

  1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features.
  2. Find Cisco VPN and uninstall it.
  3. Then go to Start, Computer, C drive, Program Files
  4. Find the Cisco System folder and delete it.
  5. Restart.

Installing VPN  (If the VPN folder is not in the WFU-Utility folder then go here for VPN download)

  1. Go to Start, Computer, C drive, WFU-Utility, VPN
  2. Right click on vpnclient-win-msi-
  3. Hover over 7-zip, click on Extract to "vpnclient-win-msi-"
  4. Click on vpnclient-win-msi- folder that was just created
  5. Double click vpnclient_setup.exe
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Yes
  8. Click Next 
  9. Click Next (should take about 60 seconds)
  10. Click Yes
  11. Restart.
Note: if the VPN profile does not appear after installing VPN Client, please download from here: (you'll need to right click and "Save as"    Open VPN (Start > Programs > Cisco Systems VPN Client) and  Click on Connection Entries and choose "Import" from the list, and then select the PCF file.