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Setting Default PDF Reader

There are three possible PDF Readers available to users: Adobe Reader, Foxit, and Corel PDF Fusion. There are two ways to set your default reader. Instructions for the two methods are below.

Method 1:
If you have a .pdf file on your desktop or in a file folder that is easily accessible, simply right-click the file. From the menu that appears, select Open with, then select Choose default program..., then proceed to step 4 of Method 2, below.

Method 2:

1. Click the Start menu, then click Control Panel. Click Default Programs.

2. Next, click Associate a file type with a program. (Please note, this could take a few moments to load.)

3. Scroll down and select .pdf.  Then click the Change Program… button.

4. Click the program of your choice, then click OK.

***If your desired program is not displayed, click the drop down arrow to the far right of Other Programs. Browse through the programs listed. Locate your preferred reader, then click OK.

Again, if your preferred program is not listed, click Browse… then locate the folder of the program you’re seeking.

Drill down in that folder until you locate the reader .exe file. Click Open.

You have now set your default reader.

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