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Convert PDF to MS Word Using Corel PDF Fusion

How do we convert PDF documents to Word format now that we're no longer using Adobe Professional?

We can do this with Corel PDF Fusion.

  • To begin, right-click on the PDF you wish to convert.
  • Click Open with... then select Corel PDF Fusion.
    • (If you do not yet have the Corel applications on your computer, download them while you're connected to the WFU network by clicking Start > Control Panel > Run Advertised Programs. Click on the Corel applications you'd like, then click Run. If PDF Fusion is not listed in this group of applications, submit a ticket to the Service Desk requesting the application on your computer by visiting this site.)
  • Once you've got the PDF open in Corel PDF Fusion, click the File menu, then Save As.
  • In the Document Type drop down, select DOC, then in the Setup name drop down, select Microsoft Word [retain text editability].
  • Click Save.
  • Your PDF should now be converted to Word. Please note, similar to in Adobe Professional, there may be some minor loss of formatting during the conversion.